Library Instruction

How do I schedule a library instruction session?

To schedule a class please contact Angie Harvey or Shannon Steffey. We ask that you request a session at least two weeks in advance.

We can schedule sessions for both day and night classes.

What should I expect from a library session?

It depends on what you would like taught! We offer several types of instruction, including both drop-ins and workshops.

Workshops are hands-on sessions that we hold in the library (or your classroom if you have the proper computer set up). Topics such as database searching and Website evaluation can be done in this sort of setting. We can do a general introduction to the library and the library databases, or we can customize a session towards your topic or discipline. We normally ask for a full class period to do this sort of instruction, and can often arrange to do the instruction and leave a little time at the end of the session for students to begin their research.

Drop-ins are short visits by a librarian to your classroom. Topics that do not require the use of computers, such as plagiarism discussions, citation format, and identifying types of literature (scholarly, research, etc.) can easily be done in your classroom and take as little as 15 minutes.