Off Campus Access


Students can access most of the library's online databases from off campus. If you find a database or record that you want to see, click on it. A box will pop up asking for your UVA Wise ID and password.  That will be the same as your email ID and password. If you have problems using your password call the Computer HelpDesk at 376-4509.


Faculty members obtain access using their NetBadge ID and password or UVa Computing Account ID and password. If you do not have or do not remember your NetBadge information you need to activate your UVA Computing Account.

To activate your UVA Computing account you need to visit the UVA accounts portal. Once on that page you need to complete Step 1: Learn about Responsible Computing & Security. Once you complete and pass the quiz on computer security, you will receive your UVA computing password. Your ID will be the same as the id portion of your email address (the characters before the @ symbol). Because we already have UVA IDs, step 2 is unnecessary.