Environmental Science Resources


Wiley Online
One of the largest and most authoritative collections of online journals, books, and research resources, covering life, health, social, and physical sciences.


Conservation and Environmentalism: An Encyclopedia | REF GE 10 C68 1995 | There are approximately 500 entries under twelve classifications including: Concepts, Issues, and Methods; Place and Linkage Surveys; Conservation and Environmental Organizations; Academic Disciplines; Governmental Organizations and Agencies; Legislation and Case Law; Individuals; Species; Special Habitats; Pollutants; Dimensions of Sustainability; and Publications

The Environment Dictionary | REF GE10 K45 1998 | This book provides a broad range of materials from a variety of disciplines related to environmental studies including physical sciences along with atmospheric, engineering, earth and soil sciences. Entries from geography, demography, politics and economics are also given. Both technical and simple descriptive topics and examination of selected current issues are available giving an appeal to a broad readership.

The Environmental Almanac of Virginia | REF GE 160 V8 E58 1998 | Factual and practical information is collected here from up-to-date sources, presenting an overview of Virginia's environment and environmental issues. An effort was made to report on status and trends of pollution problems and progress in pollution control and prevention.

Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics | REF BJ 63 E44 1998 | Among other topics in this four volume set, see the two sections on "environmental justice" and "environmental protection."

McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology | REF Q 121 M3 2002 | See applicable sections under "Environment" and "Environmental."


EPA's National Library Network Program
This site contains basic documents on environmental topic or regulations. It links to all EPA libraries around the country and to public information centers, a virtual librarian, and the National Service Center for Environmental Publications (but many of the documents are restricted to interlibrary loan use only). There is a browse option making fact sheets, reports, manuals, etc available for online viewing.

This site is produced by a nonprofit organization and run by volunteers. Sponsorship is both corporate and nonprofit and also by membership. The Library section categories include Actions to Take, Education, Events, General Information, Government, Organizations and Publications. The site search engine is designed to provide basic and advanced searching. The EnviroNews Service section gives weekly or more frequent environmental stories and press releases from organizations and businesses are also available. Other links include Green Jobs and Animal Rights.

Provides information on mining's effect on the environment.

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
As part of the National Institutes of Health, NIEHS is dedicated to researching the environment's effect on human health. A wide array of information can be found on their website, including webinars and workshops, fact sheets, clinical research topics, and details on relevant news and events.

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality is dedicated to protecting Virginia's environment and promoting the health and well-being of the citizens of the Commonwealth.