Lost Letters for a Dough Boy

Lost Letters from a Doughboy, by David Chaltas

Photo of a Doughboy in UniformLost Letters from a Dough Boy relives the war to end all wars as seen through the eyes of two brothers. One brother is in Germany and the other France. Both of them see the last of the cavalry charges, trenched warfare, muster gas, and the privations of war. The letters offer insight into two country boys from the small villa of Brandywine, West Virginia, as they witnessed the world gone mad yet not losing their love of God, Country and family. Their letters provide detailed personal witness of being drafted, basic training, seeing flying machines, Christmas dinner and their longings to return home. The Dickenson brothers paint a picture of life not only during the war but life on the farm as well. Included in the book are several postcards revealing an unadulterated love each family member has for one another. As a bonus the author provides letters to Guy, the younger brother, and his son, Guy Dickenson Junior, who served in Korea and Vietnam as a pilot. We as Americans owe a debt of gratitude for what this forgotten generation gave on foreign battlefields so that we might continue to enjoy the fruits of freedom. For anyone loving history and wishing to see it come alive as well as preserved, Lost Letters from a Dough Boy is considered a must. (from the Publisher)