Thumper Top: The Art of Building a Moonshine Still

by Robert Devillier

ThumpertopBoth an autobiogray and a how to, Robert Devillier brings us this book about revenue Automobiles of yesterday, moonshine runners and building of whiskey stills is an art. Appalachian Mountains, leaving your doors unlocked was a common thing at night. Most of the Appalachia are genuine old folks: if they like you, they like you, and if they do not like you, it is better to keep going on down the road. Once you get to know the Appalachian folks, they would carry on until you have had a little of their moonshine, showing off their handcrafted liquor still and telling you it is a dying art. These folks are not your everyday bootleggers; they just want to make them a little shine to keep on hand. It is the responsibility of the buyer of this book to keep out of trouble if using this information to build a moonshine still. (From the Publisher)