Bone Crusher

BonecrusherCheck out and watch Bonecrusher, a powerful tribute to the late Luther Trenton Chaffin, who went by this nickname underground (in the mines). Luther lived on Hazel Mountain up on Sandy Ridge above Dante, Virginia, and worked in the coal mines for 26 years. His son, Lucas Chafin, seeks to live up to his father's legacy by following him into the mines against his father's advice.


Filmed by professional movie maker Michael Fountain, this film explores the connection between a father and his son and shows the strong family bonds, especially those between coal miners, here in southwest Virginia. There are several scenes filmed in Dante, on Sandy Ridge, and underground.

Bonecrusher won second place in the documentary film category at the Appalachian Film Festival in the spring of 2009.  Large parts of the film were made in Dante.