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Ferry captain's arrest sought; school official who was saved found hanged

FOX News: Top Stories - 15 min 12 sec ago
PROSECUTORS SEEK ARREST WARRANT for South Korean captain of ferry that sank carrying 475 people — including 325 students — killing at least 28, as rescued vice principal is found hanged, and weather and time work against rescue crews, above, racing to find 270 still missing.
  • VIDEO: Authorities seek arrest warrant for ferry captain | Boat capsizes in Indonesia killing at least 7
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    Christians Mark Good Friday Around the World

    MSNBC: Top Stories - 32 min 52 sec ago

    Christians commemorated the crucifixion with solemn processions and dramatic re-enactments.

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    Where's Ukraine? 84 Percent of Americans Don't Know, Survey Says

    MSNBC: Top Stories - 32 min 52 sec ago
    At the end of March, the Washington Post asked a sample of 2,066 Americans (fielded via Survey Sampling International) what action they wanted to take in Ukraine. In addition, the poll asked respondents to locate Ukraine on a map. How did it work?

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    7.5 magnitude quake hits Mexico

    CNN: Top Stories - 34 min 46 sec ago
    A 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck Friday morning in southern Mexico's Guerrero state, the U.S. Geological Survey said.
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