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Judging Trump: Supreme Court choice on president-elect's immediate agenda

Thu, 11/24/2016 - 11:25am
Voters chose Donald Trump, but now he hopes to return the favor with a looming far-reaching decision that could impact the lives of Americans on a range of hot-button issues for another generation.
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Trump names Haley, DeVos to cabinet; Carson says he's 'thinking about' offer 'on the table'

Wed, 11/23/2016 - 10:00pm
Just in time for Thanksgiving, President-elect Donald Trump continued stocking his cabinet on Wednesday, naming three new nominees – including one-time rival Dr. Ben Carson, who’s set to head the department of Housing and Urban Development.
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Forest fires affecting 10 regions, 4 natural zones in Peru

Wed, 11/23/2016 - 9:59pm
Forest fires are affecting 10 regions in Peru, including four protected natural zones in the northern provinces of Cajamarca, Lambayeque and Tumbes, the Sernanp national protected areas service reported on Wednesday.
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Trump appeals for unity

Wed, 11/23/2016 - 9:23pm
U.S. President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday offered a prayer that the nation will begin to come together after one of the most acrimonious campaigns in decades.
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Haitian election council: Punishment for candidates declaring selves winners

Wed, 11/23/2016 - 9:22pm
Haiti's Provisional Election Council warned Wednesday that it will sanction candidates who declare themselves to be winners without waiting for the Nov. 28 publication of official results from the national elections last weekend.
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Krauthammer: Trump's pick for Education Secretary shows 'he is serious about school choice'

Wed, 11/23/2016 - 8:39pm
Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said Wednesday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that by picking Betsy Devos as Education Secretary, "this is Donald Trump's way of saying that he is serious about school choice. Republicans talked about it, have talked about it for 30 years."
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Venezuelan gov't denies abandoning dialogue with opposition

Wed, 11/23/2016 - 6:00pm
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday denied claims by the opposition that his government has withdrawn from a Vatican-mediated dialogue aimed at resolving the Andean nation's political crisis.
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Coin toss for a Utah council seat: Tied race determined by chance

Wed, 11/23/2016 - 5:42pm
Officials settled a deadlocked race for a spot on a city council in suburban Salt Lake City by drawing names from a pilgrim hat and flipping a coin — a decision-by-chance that Utah and a number of other states allow to break ties in elections or appointments.
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Uruguayan president: Public is right to be hard on politicians

Wed, 11/23/2016 - 5:23pm
Most politicians deserve to have their ears tweaked by the voters, Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez said here Wednesday.
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Ex-OAS chief enters Chile's presidential race

Wed, 11/23/2016 - 4:36pm
Former OAS Secretary-General Jose Miguel Insulza said Wednesday that he plans to seek the Socialist Party's nomination for president of Chile.
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Obama pardons Thanksgiving turkeys, no feathers ruffled

Wed, 11/23/2016 - 4:04pm
President Obama on Wednesday fulfilled the White House tradition of pardoning a Thanksgiving turkey amid a somber message about second chances and so many bad jokes, he said his two daughters decided to skip it.
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Trump picks charter school advocate Betsy DeVos for education secretary

Wed, 11/23/2016 - 4:00pm
President-elect Donald Trump selected a charter school advocate and GOP donor from Michigan on Wednesday to be education secretary. Betsy DeVos becomes the second woman chosen to fill a spot in Trump's Cabinet.
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Illinois lawmaker says state's money shouldn't be used for Trump's border wall

Wed, 11/23/2016 - 2:35pm
Rep. Will Guzzardi, who represents Chicago’s heavily-Hispanic northwest side, said that the proposed wall that was a cornerstone of Trump's presidential campaign sends the wrong message and introduced on Tuesday his plan, which proposes divesting Illinois' pension funds from any businesses involved with the wall.
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Trump chooses Gov. Nikki Haley to be ambassador to U.N.

Wed, 11/23/2016 - 2:34pm
U.S. President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday tapped South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley for the post of U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, his first appointment of a woman to a key position in his future administration.
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Gov. Martinez to incoming N.M. lawmakers: Hands off $20.8B investment fund!

Wed, 11/23/2016 - 2:17pm
Susana Martinez wants incoming state lawmakers to know that the state's permanent investment fund should be off limits from efforts to resolve a state budget deficit.
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A Republic, not a Democracy

Wed, 11/23/2016 - 1:25pm
What is America? A Republic, indeed.
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Opposition leader says Venezuelan gov't left talks

Wed, 11/23/2016 - 1:02pm
Miranda state Gov. Henrique Capriles, a top opposition leader and two-time presidential candidate, said Wednesday that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's administration had abandoned the talks that started on Oct. 30 with the mediation of the Vatican and the Union of South American Nations, or Unasur.
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Poll: Despite Trump victory, voters support abortion, oppose border wall

Wed, 11/23/2016 - 12:47pm
Despite his electoral victory, a majority of Americans do not support President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign promises to overturn Roe v. Wade, build a border wall with Mexico or cut off the path to citizenship for undocumented workers, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll.
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Trump chooses South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley as UN ambassador

Wed, 11/23/2016 - 11:59am
President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday chose South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to be the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.
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Trump elected with lowest support from minority groups of any president, report says

Wed, 11/23/2016 - 11:55am
A new poll shows that Trump won the White House with just 8 percent of the black vote, 28 percent of the Hispanic electorate and 27 percent of Asian-Americans.
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