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When Kennedy won the nomination

Thu, 07/28/2016 - 6:33am
The 1960 Democratic National Convention was a pivotal week in American politics. John F. Kennedy won the nomination over Lyndon B. Johnson and several other challengers.
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Mad scramble to clear Russians for Games

Thu, 07/28/2016 - 6:19am
In a last-minute effort to declare which Russians are eligible to attend the Olympics in Rio, the governing bodies of two dozen sports have been scrambling to clear eligible competitors with the start of the Games just days away.
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Turning pollution into paint

Thu, 07/28/2016 - 6:13am
Air Ink, a brand new concept by India-based Graviky Labs, uses polluted air to create paint and ink.
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Dems sleeping in the woods for Sanders

Thu, 07/28/2016 - 6:13am
Even scorching heat and calamitous thunderstorms that rocked the mid-Atlantic coast this week didn't stop Bernie Sanders' die-hard supporters from traveling to Philadelphia to protest the Democratic National Convention, where many have spent the week sleeping in tents in nearby campgrounds.
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Is this the superbug killer?

Thu, 07/28/2016 - 6:08am
Scientists searching for a solution to ever-resistant, infection-causing bacteria may have found an answer much closer to home than expected -- up our noses.
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High-end horses: The ultimate jet setters

Thu, 07/28/2016 - 5:53am
When the world's best athletes travel they receive first class treatment from expedited security to special meals to extra legroom. The same is true for the four-legged world of top show jumping horses.
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7 arrested after breaching fence at DNC

Thu, 07/28/2016 - 3:01am
Seven protesters who breached the outer perimeter fence surrounding the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia were arrested Wednesday night, according to the Secret Service.
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Get your ticket: 5th largest Powerball jackpot

Thu, 07/28/2016 - 2:29am
There's another record-breaking jackpot up for grabs.
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Why Jupiter's atmosphere is so hot

Thu, 07/28/2016 - 2:27am
Jupiter's Great Red Spot, the humungous storm that has roiled the gas giant for up to 300 years, also heats the planet's atmosphere to scorching temperatures, new findings show.
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California wildfire turns deadly

Thu, 07/28/2016 - 2:19am
A wildfire that has raged in central California for nearly a week intensified under hot weather and has killed one person.
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Trump calls on Russia to find Clinton's emails

Thu, 07/28/2016 - 2:02am
Clinton's campaign said Trump's comments amounted to encouraging "a foreign power to conduct espionage."
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Kaine impersonates Trump

Thu, 07/28/2016 - 1:34am
At the Democratic National Convention, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine impersonates Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and says he is not trustworthy.
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Watch Obama's speech

Thu, 07/28/2016 - 12:58am
President Barack Obama used his Democratic National Convention speech to make the case that Hillary Clinton is the best person to be president and that she will build on his time in office.
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Opinion: Obama shows he's out of touch

Thu, 07/28/2016 - 12:21am
It was an important night at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Day one was an unequivocal disaster, marked by chaos, disorder and division. Day two was clearly better, but drew some concern among Democrats that there was too much attention paid to diversity, and not enough attention paid to jobs and national security.
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Dusty old cars sell for $80,000

Thu, 07/28/2016 - 12:13am
A 20-year-old beat up Hyundai SUV isn't anyone's idea of a dream car.
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