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America's other deportation crisis

Thu, 09/04/2014 - 11:23am
Americans have followed with alarm the unfolding calamity of Central American children seeking refuge at our border. But many of us may not realize there's a crisis-within-a-crisis: An overwhelming number of these young, unaccompanied immigrants are facing deportation hearings without access to legal help. The lack of legal assistance threatens not only the children themselves, but also our nation's commitment to basic fairness.
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Transgender woman: 'I'm not totally female'

Thu, 09/04/2014 - 10:33am
A former Navy SEAL, Chris Beck -- now Kristin -- always felt he was really a woman. Hear her story on AC 360.
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Dem's 'back of his hand' misstep

Thu, 09/04/2014 - 10:30am
John King, Nia-Malika Henderson & Peter Hamby on the criticism facing the DNC chair after her comments on Scott Walker.
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Terror suspect being extradited to U.S.

Thu, 09/04/2014 - 9:53am
British judges agreed Thursday to send to the United States a man accused of helping organize a jihad training camp in Oregon.
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ISIS flaunts its brutality

Thu, 09/04/2014 - 9:30am
One video shows more than 100 prisoners paraded across the desert in their underwear, then lying face down as militants unleash a hailstorm of bullets into their bodies.
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Ebola patient: I didn't know if I'd live

Thu, 09/04/2014 - 9:23am
Speaking to Anderson Cooper, Nancy Writebol recounts the trials she faced after becoming infected with Ebola in Liberia.
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Biden: We'll send them to hell

Thu, 09/04/2014 - 9:11am
Vice President Biden has tough words for the group that beheaded two U.S. journalists. "Hell is where they will reside," he said.
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Navarrette: Perry's absurd remarks on ISIS

Thu, 09/04/2014 - 8:41am
Not so long ago, we defined relations between Mexico and the United States by how its president got along with our president. Yet, when the U.S. chief executive is distracted by events in Russia and the Middle East, what counts now is how Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto relates to the governors of U.S. states.
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Actor's kids book features cannibalism

Thu, 09/04/2014 - 8:37am
Tony's book "Archibald's Next Big Thing" has a chicken who makes some interesting breakfast choices.
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Do we need reclining airplane seats?

Thu, 09/04/2014 - 7:31am
We have now witnessed the third instance in only nine days of a flight being diverted from its original destination because someone leaned her seat back and someone objected.
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NATO's moment of truth on Ukraine

Thu, 09/04/2014 - 7:26am
Sen. Kelly Ayotte says the U.S. and NATO must respond strongly to Russia's escalation
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Invasive bugs attack forests

Thu, 09/04/2014 - 6:58am
These invasive bugs are eating their way through ash trees, killing them across forests in Arkansas.
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Tasting a $500 bottle of wine

Thu, 09/04/2014 - 6:57am
Elite Escapes goes wine tasting in the Tuscan valleys.
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Glitch creates teeeensy linebacker

Thu, 09/04/2014 - 6:56am
Honey, they shrunk the linebacker-from 6'2" to 14 inches! Jeanne Moos speaks to the 6-footer turned "adorably tiny."
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Soldier beaten to death ... by peers

Thu, 09/04/2014 - 6:55am
A 20-year-old soldier dies at the hands of his peers. Paula Hancocks asks South Korea's military why nothing has improved.
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See Gaza destruction from above

Thu, 09/04/2014 - 6:52am
See the damage in Gaza from a birds-eye view.
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This crab's blood could save your life

Thu, 09/04/2014 - 6:47am
Hundreds of thousands of horseshoe crabs are captured each year for their incredible blue blood.
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Life sentence for 7 lbs. of pot

Thu, 09/04/2014 - 6:40am
A man is serving more time for pot than others are serving for murder. With marijuana legalization growing, is it fair?
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More 'Frozen' on the way?

Thu, 09/04/2014 - 6:31am
Walt Disney Studios is chipping a new "Frozen" film off the old block.
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Thu, 09/04/2014 - 6:02am
Dutch investigators will issue a preliminary report Tuesday on the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, which was shot down in eastern Ukraine in July.
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