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Bet you can't watch without smiling

Sun, 03/23/2014 - 3:07pm
Smile! March 20, 2014 is the United Nation's International Day of Happiness.
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Epic 2-letter 'Wheel of Fortune' win

Sun, 03/23/2014 - 3:04pm
With only two letters on the board, this "Wheel of Fortune" contestant was able to solve the final puzzle.
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Turkey shoots down Syrian warplane

Sun, 03/23/2014 - 2:01pm
Turkey shot down a Syrian fighter jet Sunday after the warplane strayed into its airspace, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.
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Sun, 03/23/2014 - 1:52pm
Pro-Russia demonstrations were planned for Sunday in Ukrainian cities, as Russian forces continued consolidating their control over Crimea over the weekend.
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People crying for help under debris

Sun, 03/23/2014 - 12:53pm
A landslide in Washington state kills three people and destroys several homes, officials said.
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Photos: Multiracial heroes on TV

Sun, 03/23/2014 - 12:25pm
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Woman in coma after dental surgery

Sun, 03/23/2014 - 11:16am
A Hawaii woman is in a coma after going into cardiac arrest during a dental procedure.
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Blindsided by the reality of Obamacare

Sun, 03/23/2014 - 10:30am
Sen. Mitch McConnell says that four years after the Affordable Care Act was signed, many Americans still struggle
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Was Ellen right about cupcake boy?

Sun, 03/23/2014 - 10:29am
An amusing video is posted showing an adorable 3-year-old boy asking his mom for a cupcake with the determination of a first-year law student.
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Ebola outbreak kills 59 people

Sun, 03/23/2014 - 10:23am
An Ebola outbreak has killed at least 59 people in Guinea, UNICEF said, as the deadly hemorrhagic fever has quickly spread from southern communities in the West African nation.
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Pistorius trial extended to mid-May

Sun, 03/23/2014 - 9:43am
The murder trial of "Blade Runner" Oscar Pistorius will now continue until the middle of May, the South African court hearing the case said Sunday.
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Vows exchanged, but will they count?

Sun, 03/23/2014 - 8:55am
A day after a federal judge struck down a Michigan state amendment restricting marriage to between one man and one woman, gay and lesbian couples lined up Saturday to make their unions official in the state's eyes.
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FBI: Student made ricin in dorm

Sun, 03/23/2014 - 8:54am
A Georgetown University student was charged on Friday with possessing ricin after admitting he made the poison in his campus dorm room, a court document showed.
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Elephants escape circus, damage cars

Sun, 03/23/2014 - 8:46am
What's better than a bull in a China shop? Three cows in a parking lot -- elephant cows, that is.
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Weird bikini ad puzzles students

Sun, 03/23/2014 - 8:31am
A SDSU student's run for Professional Studies and Fine Arts School president gets heat after releasing a controversial ad.
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Landslide, flood threaten towns

Sat, 03/22/2014 - 11:57pm
A landslide in Washington state bowled over at least one house, scattering trees, branches and debris over a rural two-lane highway and injuring two people, authorities said Saturday.
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Downtown Disney fish tank bursts

Sat, 03/22/2014 - 9:20pm
An aquarium in a downtown Disney restaurant cracked and sent patrons running. HLN's Robin Meade has more.
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Are smart guns a dumb idea?

Sat, 03/22/2014 - 9:16pm
S.E. Cupp explains why smart gun technology is not the solution to our country's gun problems.
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Forces storm Ukrainian military bases

Sat, 03/22/2014 - 9:09pm
Russian special forces armored personnel carriers smash through the gates of Belbek air base, firing warning shots in the air.
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Journalist shot dead in Baghdad

Sat, 03/22/2014 - 6:19pm
Mohammed Bdaiwi, the Baghdad bureau chief of Radio Free Iraq, was shot and killed Saturday in Baghdad, police said.
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