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We are aliens in Ebola's world

Thu, 04/17/2014 - 12:30am
It has to be this way for these doctors and nurses who knowingly expose themselves to Ebola, dispensing medication and using needles to draw blood, CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports from Guinea.
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120 Nigerian schoolgirls freed

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 11:03pm
Nigeria's military combed the woods in search of more than 100 school girls who were abducted earlier this week by Boko Haram militants, authorities said Wednesday.
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Lost sea lion pup found in orchard

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 10:39pm
Up a river without a paddle. That's the situation an adventurous California sea lion found himself after swimming up the San Joaquin River, ending up at Mape's Ranch in Modesto, California, about 100-mile drive from the ocean.
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What you won't see on 2016 SATs ...

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 9:40pm
The College Board announced that it will be removing some of its harder words from the SAT exam by 2016.
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How the outbreak began

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 9:21pm
CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports from Conakry, Guinea, amidst an Ebola outbreak that has claimed dozens of lives.
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Inside an Ebola isolation ward in Guinea

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 9:21pm
An outbreak of the Ebola virus has spread to Conakry, Guinea -- a city of more than 2 million. Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports.
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Photos: Ebola outbreak in West Africa

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 9:15pm
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5 hotels for chocoholics

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 8:40pm
Easter break packing tip: pants with elastic waistbands.
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Families storm out of briefing

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 8:34pm
The underwater vessel searching for traces of the missing Malaysian jet resurfaced Wednesday to fix a technical issue, and was redeployed again.
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Al Qaeda gathering

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 7:50pm
New questions were being asked Wednesday after a video surfaced showing what looks like the largest and most dangerous gathering of al Qaeda in years.
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League kicks out HIV-positive man

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 7:35pm
An HIV-positive Florida man was told he could no longer play in a Kissimmee Parks and Recreation basketball league.
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Ukrainian in morning, Russian in afternoon

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 7:33pm
Ukrainian armored vehicles sent into Kramatorsk on Wednesday later showed up carrying Russian flags in Slaviansk as an attempt to take back towns from pro-Russian militants appeared to stall.
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Taylor Swift surprises bride at shower

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 7:25pm
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Rescuers search for 300 missing

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 6:44pm
Students and other passengers on a South Korean ferry faced an awful choice as the vessel rolled, say witnesses: obey commands or don life vests and jump.
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Boston event fake bomb spurs charges

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 6:33pm
A judge on Wednesday set bail at $100,000 for a man accused of carrying a fake bomb near a Boston crowd that was marking the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings.
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Co-pilot's phone signals questioned

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 6:32pm
Investigators and analysts are questioning the signals sent by the cell phone of MH370's co-pilot during the flight.
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Opinion: Why a mom would kill babies

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 6:30pm
In 2001, the nation watched as Andrea Yates, by all accounts a loving mother, was arrested in the killings of her five children after drowning them in a bathtub. In the trial that followed, we learned she had a history of mental illness, which intensified in her postpartum periods and required four psychiatric hospitalizations. She would ultimately be found not guilty by reason of insanity and sent to a Texas psychiatric hospital.
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Expert: Propaganda is worse now

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 6:24pm
Russia's propaganda worse now than at height of Cold War, says Leon Aron, director of Russian studies at AEI.
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Militants, army face off

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 6:24pm
Militants, army face off in eastern Ukraine amid soaring tensions. CNN's Nick Paton Walsh reports.
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Hospital tech falsified mammograms

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 5:33pm
A former Georgia hospital technician was sentenced to up to six months in prison after pleading guilty to manipulating the mammogram records of 1,289 patients. Ten of those women were given false negatives, and two of them are now dead, a prosecutor says.
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