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Marathon Bombing Jury Ends First Day Without Verdict

Tue, 04/07/2015 - 5:36pm
The seven women and five men of the Boston Marathon Bombing jury began to weigh 30 criminal counts against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

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White House to Warn of Health Risk From Climate Change

Tue, 04/07/2015 - 5:16pm
President Barack Obama will talk about it in an interview with Dr. Natalie Azar, an NBC News medical contributor.

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Ikea to Beijing Shoppers: Please Don't Nap on the Furniture

Tue, 04/07/2015 - 4:50pm
Snoozing shoppers have reportedly become such an issue at the Ikea's Beijing location that the Swedish retailer is having to crack down.

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Students Named in Discredited Rolling Stone UVA Rape Article Speak Out

Tue, 04/07/2015 - 4:21pm
Students named in the retracted Rolling Stone article focusing on UVA rape allegations respond to scathing new report on journalistic failings. Jenna Dagenhart reports.

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Prison Guards Quit After Viral Beating Photo

Tue, 04/07/2015 - 4:11pm
Two supervisors have resigned from a Georgia prison after a young inmate was shown on Facebook beaten and with a leash around his neck.

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Man Crashes Car Into Home, Tries to Hug It Out

Tue, 04/07/2015 - 3:58pm
The driver began apologizing and kept trying to hug the homeowner and other people at the scene.

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D.C. in the Dark: Power Outage Hits Nation's Capital

Tue, 04/07/2015 - 3:37pm
Museums evacuated and press briefings were interrupted when power went out in the nation's capital.

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U.S. Files Appeal of Hold on Immigration Action

Tue, 04/07/2015 - 3:20pm
The Justice Department urged a federal appeals court to reverse a judge's hold on President Barack Obama's immigration executive action.

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Seven Killed in Crash of Small Plane in Illinois

Tue, 04/07/2015 - 2:41pm

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White House Downplays Power Outage, Says Obama Didn't Notice

Tue, 04/07/2015 - 2:33pm
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest says he was in a meeting with President Obama Tuesday when the complex lost power for a short time. Earnest tells reporters that Obama was not affected by the incident and did not notice any problems.

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Watch Spring Hailstorm Pound Town Near St. Louis

Tue, 04/07/2015 - 2:33pm
Videos published on social media show hail, rain and lightning, wreaking havoc in towns near St. Louis.

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Palm Springs: America's 'Oasis' Grapples With Drought

Tue, 04/07/2015 - 2:24pm
Palm Springs is a man-made oasis blanketed with more than 120 golf courses, and dotted by swimming pools, a water park and plenty of green lawns.
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DC Power Outage Leaves Reporters in the Dark at State Department

Tue, 04/07/2015 - 2:16pm
U.S. State Department spokesperson Marie Harf uses the flashlight on her cell phone to see reporters at Tuesday's press briefing. The power at the agency was out as Washington, D.C., experienced a large-scale power outage.

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5 Volunteer Firefighters Arrested in Sex-Assault Hazing

Tue, 04/07/2015 - 1:42pm
A man in Ellis County, Texas, filed the complaint March 31, stating that five fellow firefighters held him down and sexually assaulted him on Jan. 20.
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Pesticide in Paradise Poisoning Still Used in U.S. Crops

Tue, 04/07/2015 - 1:41pm
Pesticide that sickened Delaware family at a Caribbean resort is still legally used today by some U.S. food growers, federal regulators say.

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Is Social Media Encouraging Vandalism of Ancient Petroglyphs?

Tue, 04/07/2015 - 12:39pm
Utah artist says social media is contributing to an increase in vandalism of ancient petroglyphs. KSL's Geoff Liesick reports.

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Watch Obama Get Upstaged by a Bee During Storytime

Tue, 04/07/2015 - 12:00pm
"That's OK, guys. Bees are good. They won't land on you. They won't sting you," the president told the children.

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Bear, In Search of Easter Candy, Gives Woman Scare of Her Life

Tue, 04/07/2015 - 11:57am
Bear breaks into Florida home to steal family's Easter candy...twice! WBBH's Bryan Anderson reports.

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Shark Attack Survivor: 'Thankful I didn't Lose any Parts'

Tue, 04/07/2015 - 11:40am
Florida spear fishermen lives to tell of a grisly bull shark attack that almost claimed his ear. WBBH's Brian Entin reports.

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Iron Maidens: High School Girls Build Robot in 6 Weeks

Tue, 04/07/2015 - 11:23am
Bronx Science teen Juno Lee is engineering her way into robotics — and gender equality in STEM fields.

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