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Ted Cruz Refuses to Say He Won't Support Trump

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 12:40pm
Sen. Cruz (R-TX) blasted Donald Trump repeatedly in an interview on "Meet the Press", but stopped short of saying he would not support him if he were to win the nomination.
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Search for Missing Florida Mom Enters Fifth Day

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 12:16pm
Authorities spent Sunday scouring woods, parks and beaches as part of a "full scale" search for a Florida mother who vanished Wednesday.
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Malia Obama to Attend Harvard University

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 11:56am
Malia Obama will attend Harvard University in the fall of 2017, the president and first lady said in a statement on Sunday.
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Mixed Reaction as Wilmore Drops N-Bomb on Obama

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 11:28am
President Obama may have dropped the mic, but comedian Larry Wilmore dropped jaws.
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See Cute New Photos of Princess Charlotte

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 9:33am
Kensington Palace released a series of four photos Sunday to mark Charlotte's first birthday Monday.
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Train Carrying Hazardous Material Derails in D.C.

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 9:25am
A CSX freight train derailed near a metro station in Washington D.C. early Sunday, leaking hazardous material.
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Obama Roasts Trump, Drops Mic at Last 'Nerd Prom'

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 9:21am
Obama joked about his upcoming status as a lame duck: "Last week Prince George showed up to our meeting in his bathrobe. That was a slap in the face."
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'Hamilton' Star's Family Details Spiraling Puerto Rico Crisis

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 7:57am
VEGA ALTA, Puerto Rico -- Lin-Manuel Miranda's sizable extended family reside in a small northern town tucked amid rolling hills and a lush landscape,
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Philippines' 'Trump' Runs on Rape Jokes, Violent Promises

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 5:41am
A presidential candidate who quips about wishing he'd been first to rape a murder victim usually can't expect to be the electorate's darling.
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U2 Guitarist Becomes First to Play the Sistine Chapel

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 5:29am
The Edge performed an unplugged set with the backing of a young Irish choir.
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How to Beat ISIS: Blow Up the Money

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 5:04am
The U.S. is targeting the terror group's money, killing its financiers and even blowing up millions of dollars in cash.
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Urban Artist Fixes World's Crumbling Walls — With Legos

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 3:37am
A German sculptor is using Legos to put a colorful twist on urban design.
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Underdogs Look to Seal 'the Greatest Sporting Story Ever'

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 3:34am
Leicester City may be about to win the British Premier League after having odds of 5,000-to-1 at the start of the season.
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