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No Federal Civil Rights Charges Expected in Trayvon Martin Death

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 2:31pm
Thursday is the third anniversary of the teenager's death.

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3 Missing Schoolgirls Likely in Syria: British Police

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 2:31pm
Three missing schoolgirls believed to have traveled to Turkey as part of an attempt to join ISIS have crossed into Syria, British police said Tuesday.

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Closing Arguments Near in 'American Sniper' Trial

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 2:10pm
The trial resumes in Texas two days after the Oscars.

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This Mystery Tunnel Has Toronto Cops Baffled

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 2:01pm
Toronto authorities have asked for the public's help to solve the mystery of a tunnel found Jan. 14 by a conservation officer in a wooded area.

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Gunmen in Afghanistan Halt Buses, Seize 30 Passengers

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 2:00pm
Officials said that gunmen dragged 30 male passengers out of two buses and took them hostage in southern Afghanistan late Monday.
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Go Aboard a Coast Guard Cutter on the Hudson

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 12:19pm
Dylan Dreyer was aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Willow as it plowed through thick ice along the Hudson River on Tuesday.
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Inside America's First Women-Only Mosque

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 11:49am
Meet the forces behind the Women's Mosque of America, the first all-female Muslim prayer space in the country.

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Dozens Hurt After Train Hits Truck Near Los Angeles

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 11:05am
A Los Angeles-bound Metrolink train derailed after it was involved in a collision with a vehicle Tuesday morning between Oxnard and Camarillo.

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Washington Braces for a Homeland Security Shutdown

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 11:02am
Not even two months into this new GOP-controlled Congress, we may be headed for yet another shutdown, this time of the Department of Homeland Security.

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Taliban Peace Talks Will Begin Soon: Afghan Official

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 10:52am
A top Afghan official has confirmed the government will hold peace talks with Taliban militants in hopes of ending a 13-year insurgency.
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Alan Turing's Family Wants 49,000 Gays Pardoned

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 10:30am
Computer scientist Alan Turing, who was portrayed in "The Imitation Game," was posthumously pardoned for homosexual acts.

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Tuesday's Top 6 News Stories

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 9:23am
From winter continuing its icy grip to the VA secretary apologizing for misstating his military record, see the stories we're following.

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Alan Turing's Family Wants 49K Gays Pardoned

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 9:22am
Computer scientist Alan Turing, who was portrayed in "The Imitation Game," was posthumously pardoned for homosexual acts.

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Kayla's Boyfriend 'Risked His Life' to Save Her: Parents

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 9:20am
Kayla Mueller's parents are "absolutely" certain her Syrian boyfriend put his life in danger in an attempt to save her from ISIS militants.
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Little Hope for Obamacare Fix Ahead of Ruling

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 9:06am
"There's not much we can do at this point," said Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

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Putin: 'Apocalyptic' War With Ukraine Is Unlikely

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 8:56am
Vladimir Putin called the prospect of all-out war between Russia and Ukraine "unlikely."
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Get Ready for More Threats, Rhetoric From Kim Jong Un

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 8:37am
South Korea and the United States will begin their annual joint exercise of military drills on March 2.

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VA Secretary Apologizes for Misstating Military Record

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 8:23am
Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald apologized Monday for misstating that he served in the military's special forces.

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Beach Snow Forecast as Deadly Storm Packs More Winter Woe

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 8:22am
A fragmented winter storm system was forecast to bring snow to both the Rocky Mountains and beaches in the Carolinas on Tuesday,

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'Imitation Game' Subject's Kin Want 49K Gays Pardoned

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 7:58am
Computer scientist Alan Turing, who was portrayed in "The Imitation Game," was posthumously pardoned for homosexual acts.
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