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This American Is Taking Migrant Crisis In His Own Hands

Tue, 04/21/2015 - 6:00am
MOAS has teamed up with Medecins Sans Frontieres for the Phoennix's next voyage.

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Caught on Video: Officer Snatches Onlooker's Camera

Tue, 04/21/2015 - 4:42am
Federal officials were investigating a YouTube video that shows an officer grabbing what appears to be a recording device from an onlooker and kicking it.
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AC/DC Star Offered $153K to Have Ex-Employee 'Taken Out'

Tue, 04/21/2015 - 4:32am
AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd pleaded guilty Tuesday to a charge of threatening to kill a man who used to work for him.

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Man Driven 8 Miles Through 7 Towns on Hood of SUV

Tue, 04/21/2015 - 12:02am
A Pittsburgh man clung to the hood of an SUV after its driver hit him and zipped eight miles through seven towns.

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U.S. Warships Prepared to Intercept Iranian Convoy

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 10:56pm
An Iranian convoy, escorted by warships from the Iranian military and Revolutionary Guard forces, appears headed for Yemen, officials said.

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Captain and Crew Member Arrested After Deadly Capsize

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 10:42pm
The captain of a ship that capsized off Libya, killing 900 migrants, was charged with reckless multiple homicide. A crew member was also arrested.

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Arrest Made Over Deadly 60-Car Pile-Up

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 9:59pm
Alex Dragaytsev, 45, from Longueuil, Quebec, Canada, has charged with aggravated vehicular homicide.
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Jealous Cops Forced Me Out of Hive, Says Ex-NYPD Beekeeper

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 9:28pm
The NYPD 's former beekeeper said he was forced into retirement by colleagues who accused him of keeping the bees he removed — for his private hives.

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Puppies Left to Die Inside Cardboard Box

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 8:31pm
Three puppies were rescued after being sealed in cardboard box and dropped off outside Tennessee Goodwill store. Dan Kennedy reports.

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Marathon Spectators Lean Toward Life Term for Tsarnaev

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 7:22pm
Two years after the Boston Marathon bombings spectators on Monday said they were were torn over whether or not Tsarnaev should receive death.
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Bug Exposes 1,000 iPhone and iPad Apps to Hacks

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 7:21pm
A bug in a widely used piece of software temporarily exposed around a thousand iOS apps to the possibility of hacking, and some are still at risk.

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Protesters Demand 'Justice' in Freddie Gray's Death

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 7:13pm
Dozens of protesters took to the streets on Monday to decry the death of a 25-year-old Baltimore man who died Sunday.

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Paralyzed Racer Tears Up the Track With a Souped Up Car

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 7:11pm

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What Do People Want to Know About 2016 Candidates?

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 6:41pm
Google compiled the search data after each candidate announced to see the most asked questions around the country.
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Couple Sues Sperm Bank After Finding Sketchy-Donor Details

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 6:28pm
Seven years after their son was born, a couple discovered the sperm donor they used is schizophrenic, dropped out of college and had been arrested.
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Always On His Mind: Willie Nelson Launches Pot Brand

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 6:08pm
Music legend Willie Nelson, who has made no secret of his love for marijuana, has launched his own cannabis brand, the singer-song writer announced on Monday — also known as "4/20" day.

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Wisconsin Declares Bird Flu Emergency

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 5:52pm
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker declared a state of emergency Monday because of an outbreak of H5N2 bird flu that kills poultry.
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Utah Woman Gets Up to Life in Prison for Killing Her Six Babies

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 5:52pm
A Utah woman who pleaded guilty to killing six of her babies and hiding their bodies in her garage was sentenced to up to life in prison Monday.
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South Carolina Paper Wins Pulitzer for Abuse Series

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 5:43pm
The awards, American journalism's highest honor, recognize various categories of reporting, photography and opinion writing, as well as editorial cartooning.

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Okla. Sheriff: 'We Are Sorry Eric Was Taken From You'

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 5:01pm
Robert Bates, a reserve sheriff's deputy in Tulsa, Oklahoma, shot and killed Eric Harris on April 2.

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