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Updated: 44 min 13 sec ago

Watch Otters Ride a Waterslide? Yes, Please.

5 hours 15 min ago
Otter-ly adorable video shows the river variety of the species enjoying their enclosure's water slide at a zoo in Japan.

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Raging Yosemite Wildfire Threatens Giant Sequoias

5 hours 18 min ago
Crews backed by an extensive aerial fleet have increased the El Portal wildfire's containment from 19 to 34 percent.

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Paramount Apologizes for 9/11 'Ninja Turtles' Gaffe

5 hours 25 min ago
The poster showed four characters jumping down from an exploding skyscraper underscored with a Sept. 11 release date.
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Miami Non-Profits Work Overtime to Help Border Kids

5 hours 36 min ago
In Homestead and Miami, Florida, nonprofits are working overtime to assist families whose children have recently crossed the border.

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Surf's Up! Water Main Break Floods UCLA Campus

5 hours 39 min ago
A water main broke at UCLA on Tuesday, making raging rivers of the streets and sending millions of gallons of water across the school's campus.

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Want to Colonize an Alien Planet? Send 40,000 People

5 hours 43 min ago
Starting a healthy colony beyond our solar system is going to take at least 20,000 to 40,000 people, according to a new study.
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What the SPF?! Debunking Three Myths About Your Tan

5 hours 46 min ago
Dr. Nancy debunks three myths surrounding sunscreen.

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Mom Battled Cancer While Baby Waited For a New Heart

6 hours 24 min ago
Riki Graves and her infant daughter Juliana fought dual medical battles and won.

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Instagram Hopes to Shock Snapchat with Bolt

6 hours 26 min ago
Bolt, the new ephemeral messaging app from Instagram, lets users send self-destructing photos and videos with a single tap.
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The 'Fattest' Meal of 2014 Is...

6 hours 27 min ago
If you're watching your waistline, avoid ordering anything with "monster," "bottomless" or "big" in its name.

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Israeli Airstrike Topples Minaret of Gaza Mosque

6 hours 27 min ago
Israeli aircraft struck dozens of Gaza sites on Wednesday, including five mosques.
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Which Bank Hires the Most Attractive People?

6 hours 30 min ago
Which finance house hires the most attractive people? According to one dating app, it's Goldman Sachs.
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'Die Hard' Actor James Shigeta Dies at 85

6 hours 37 min ago
The actor broke barriers as a 1950's Asian-American male lead in "The Crimson Kimono," and went on to star in blockbusters like "Die Hard."
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Deadly Highways: Truck Accidents Surge, Few Notice

6 hours 46 min ago
Truck-crash fatalities have surged since 2009. Why isn't anything being done about it?

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Allison Williams Is Peter Pan! (In NBC's Live Musical)

6 hours 48 min ago
Allison Williams, star of HBO's "Girls" and a classically-trained singer, has been cast as Peter Pan in NBC's telecast of "Peter Pan Live!" coming this winter.

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Fast and Furious: Iraq's Stunt Drivers Dodge Cops

6 hours 50 min ago
In an empty Baghdad lot ringed by old tires, young men watch souped-up cars intentionally spin out and skid: a dangerous sport called “drifting.”
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Jimmy Fallon Pranks Roots With 'Fifty Shades' trailer

7 hours 10 min ago
"Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon may be a bit of a jokester with his guests, but that doesn't mean he never aims his target at his crew.
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Netflix Inks Paid Connection Deal With AT&T, Too

7 hours 10 min ago
Add AT&T to the list of Internet providers that now have a paid connection, or peering, deal with video streaming giant Netflix.
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Kennedy Cousin Michael Skakel Headed to Court Again

7 hours 13 min ago
Michael Skakel, a cousin of Ethel Skakel Kennedy, Sen. Robert Kennedy's widow, was granted a new trial in the case of the 1975 murder of Martha Moxley.
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What to Expect at Work When You're Expecting

7 hours 15 min ago
Three female attorneys are telling men and women everything they need to know about pregnancy, parenting and the American workplace.
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