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Heir B & B: Orphans to Get Boost from Diana's Old Home

11 hours 52 min ago
The estate is being opened to guests to raise money for a children's charity started by Karen Spencer, wife of Diana's brother.
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Yabba-Dabba-Don't: Fred Flintstone Just Got Ticketed

11 hours 56 min ago
Officials in Key West, Florida, put out an appeal Thursday after a vehicle resembling the "Flintstones" footmobile was parked illegally on the street.
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Super-Bad Superbug Found for First Time in U.S

11 hours 57 min ago
A drug-resistant "superbug" that doctors have been dreading has shown up in the U.S. for the first time, researchers reported Thursday.
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319 People Flee as Passenger Jet Catches Fire

12 hours 4 min ago
An engine fire broke out on a Korean Air jet about to take off from a Tokyo on Friday, authorities said.
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Severe Storms Bring Flooding, Tornadoes to Nation's Middle

12 hours 12 min ago
Wild weather continued to pummel part of the nation's midsection Thursday evening.
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'Their Souls Speak to Us': Obama Visits Hiroshima

12 hours 16 min ago
Some 140,000 people were killed when the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945.
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ChangeMakers: Meet Farajii Muhammad

12 hours 20 min ago
Today, Muhammad is what showbiz types call a triple threat: he is a community organizer, media personality and longtime youth advocate.
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KNOW IT ALL: Thursday's Top 7 Stories at NBC News

13 hours 9 min ago
A look at the key headlines.
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Obama Becomes 1st U.S. President to Visit Hiroshima

14 hours 14 min ago
Some 140,000 people were killed when the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945.
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Transgender Pageant Unites Christians, Muslims, Jews

15 hours 5 min ago
Friday's competition in Tel Aviv is the country's first of its kind — and brings together Jews, Christians and Muslims.
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Muslim Mob Attacks Christians, Parades Naked Elderly Woman

15 hours 30 min ago
An armed Muslim mob stripped an elderly Christian woman and paraded her naked on the streets amid rumors she had an affair.
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$1 Million Will Buy You an Entire West Virginia Town

15 hours 42 min ago
Sugar Grove, West Virginia — a town complete with 80 homes on 122 acres — is up for auction, It's a former naval base that's so remote your cell phone won't even work.
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2 Tourists Dead, 2 Missing After Thai Speedboat Capsizes

16 hours 20 min ago
Two foreigners were killed and two others missing after a speedboat capsized off a Thai resort island.
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No Joke: So 1,000 Ducks Walk into a Vineyard...

17 hours 13 min ago
A vineyard has come up with a creative way to fight pests. Instead of using pesticide, it uses ducks.
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How Salvadoran Gangs Use Facebook to Track Victims

18 hours 13 min ago
Social media and the prevalence of cell phones has allowed gang networks to communicate in "real time," even with young people who flee El Salvador.
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Obama's Hiroshima Visit Reopens a Door Closed for 70 Years

Thu, 05/26/2016 - 11:01pm
The president's visit breaks a seven-decade-old taboo observed since a U.S. atomic bomb nearly obliterated the city to help end World War II.
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USWNT Starts Court Fight Over Pay 10 Weeks Before Olympics

Thu, 05/26/2016 - 7:56pm
The hearing came on the same day the Senate passed a non-binding resolution calling on U.S. Soccer to end gender pay inequity.
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Secret Service Agents Punished for Violating Chaffetz's Privacy

Thu, 05/26/2016 - 7:24pm
The Secret Service has already apologized to Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who has led numerous inquiries into alleged misconduct by the troubled agency.
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HS Apologizes After Yearbook Includes Hitler, Stalin Quotes

Thu, 05/26/2016 - 7:02pm
The Hitler quote is 'Words build bridges into unexplored regions.' Stalin's statement is more menacing: 'Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, so why would we let them have ideas?'
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