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Democratic lawmakers visit Havana as Obama institutes changes in US-Cuba relations

Sun, 01/18/2015 - 12:09am
A delegation of congressional Democrats began a three-day visit to Cuba on Saturday to discuss expectations for the normalization of relations between the United States and the island nation.
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Obama to call for raising capital gains, inheritance taxes to pay for middle-class tax relief

Sun, 01/18/2015 - 12:06am
President Barack Obama will call for increasing taxes on the wealthiest Americans by raising the capital gains rate and eliminating a tax break on inheritances, then using the revenue to fund new tax credits and other cost-saving measures for the middle class.
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Highlights of Obama plan to tax wealthy, spend additional revenue on middle class

Sat, 01/17/2015 - 9:00pm
The White House says President Barack Obama will propose in his State of the Union address a plan to impose higher taxes on the wealthy and use the revenue to help middle-class families.
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Tentative labor deal at NYC's Hunts Point averts strike at nation's biggest produce market

Sat, 01/17/2015 - 7:45pm
Workers and management at a New York wholesale produce market, the nation's largest, have reached a tentative agreement on a contract, averting a walkout.
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Nurses' union cancels strike after reaching Kaiser contract deal that boosts pay 14 percent

Sat, 01/17/2015 - 5:31pm
The union that represents about 18,000 Kaiser Permanente nurses in Northern and Central California has reached a tentative contract with the medical provider and canceled a two-day strike planned for next week at 86 hospitals and clinics.
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Greek Authorities Detain Four Terror Suspects: Report

Sat, 01/17/2015 - 4:52pm
Greek authorities have detained four alleged terror suspects, including the possible ringleader of a Belgian jihadi cell, the Associated Press reported Saturday.
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Group of Boston taxi drivers sue city over different rules for online ride-hailing services

Sat, 01/17/2015 - 1:47pm
A group of Boston taxi drivers is suing the city, saying officials have violated their rights by allowing online ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft to operate without following the same rules taxis do.
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Declining oil prices forcing major industry firms to cut jobs in northeastern Oklahoma

Sat, 01/17/2015 - 12:47pm
Declining crude oil prices have forced three major industry firms with strong northeastern Oklahoma ties to lay off workers.
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Lee Enterprises announces Chief Financial Officer Carl Schmidt to retire later this year

Sat, 01/17/2015 - 12:46pm
Lee Enterprises Inc. has announced that its chief financial officer will retire later this year.
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Dairy industry braces for a bust after 2014 boom; some farmers asked to pour out surplus milk

Sat, 01/17/2015 - 11:06am
Despite record-setting milk sales in 2014, plummeting prices are forcing some dairy farmers to spill the surplus down the drain.
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Puerto Rico monthly general fund revenues $64M below estimates

Sat, 01/17/2015 - 11:05am
Puerto Rico saw revenue for its general fund grow last month, but the intake was still below expectations.
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Facts, figures about Prison Entrepreneurship Program teaching Texas inmates business skills

Sat, 01/17/2015 - 9:31am
The Houston-based Prison Entrepreneurship Program began operations in 2004 and operates now in the Cleveland Correctional Facility in Cleveland, Texas, with plans to open a second unit in a Dallas-area prison this year.
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Texas program pushes business savvy, entrepreneurship as way to keep prisoners from returning

Sat, 01/17/2015 - 9:31am
Standing in a prison chow hall, Richard Chavez Jr. outlines his past: violent felon, former gang member, the fourth member of his family to go to prison.
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German finance minister cautions against unrealistic pledges in Greek vote, opposes debt cut

Sat, 01/17/2015 - 5:01am
Germany's finance minister is cautioning Greek politicians against promising things they can't deliver in upcoming elections and making clear that he opposes a new debt writedown for Athens.
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State Dept. gives other agencies 2 weeks to comment on Keystone XL pipeline

Fri, 01/16/2015 - 10:47pm
Federal agencies have been given a Feb. 2 to provide advice on whether to move forward with the hotly debated Keystone XL pipeline.
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Board approves $86 million in grants for job creation, expansion projects at 4 Iowa companies

Fri, 01/16/2015 - 9:47pm
Nearly $86 million has been awarded to four companies to support job creation and expansion projects in the state, the Iowa Economic Development Authority announced Friday.
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Pennsylvania-brewed Yuengling beer not on tap at governor-elect's inaugural party

Fri, 01/16/2015 - 9:11pm
Yuengling (YING' ling) bills its Pottsville, Pennsylvania, brewery as the oldest in the nation, but its beer won't be served at Democrat Gov.-elect Tom Wolf's inaugural celebration.
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Arizona governor to balance budget by cutting universities, other programs and gimmicks

Fri, 01/16/2015 - 7:49pm
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey will slash 10 percent from state university funding, give only a token increase to K-12 schools, and essentially double the current $8 vehicle license fee as part of a plan to balance the upcoming state budget that was released Friday.
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Low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines will outsource 1,300 jobs at Denver airport and Milwaukee

Fri, 01/16/2015 - 7:49pm
Frontier Airlines says that it will hire contractors to do the work of 1,300 employees — about a third of its total workforce — at the Denver airport and in Milwaukee.
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Nebraska senators seek to capitalize on Nebraska wind energy with tax breaks, less regulation

Fri, 01/16/2015 - 7:36pm
A group of senators says Nebraska is losing in the nationwide push for renewable energy.
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