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Governors appeal to Congress for ‘flexibility’ on ObamaCare overhaul

FOX News: Politics - 4 hours 31 min ago
Governors from across the country personally appealed to Capitol Hill lawmakers on Monday for “flexibility” as Washington Republicans weigh how to overhaul the Affordable Care Act -- capping a critical weekend of meetings on the issue among lawmakers, White House officials and insurance CEOs.
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Moon shot! SpaceX announces plans to send 2 'private citizens' around moon

FOX News: SciTech - 4 hours 42 min ago
Not since 1972 and the Apollo 17 mission has an astronaut been anywhere close to the moon. But that may be set to change next year.
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Fox News Poll: Confidence in military remains high, in media low

FOX News: Politics - 5 hours 16 min ago
More voters have faith in the U.S. military than in other national institutions, according to the latest Fox News Poll released Monday.
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Can Daytona 500 Win Jumpstart Ford Sales?

FOX News: Business - 5 hours 55 min ago
Ford is betting that racing success can bolster the company’s sales. The Daytona 500 was a strong start to the NASCAR season, thanks to Kurt Busch's victory.
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Pentagon chief presented counter-ISIS plan to White House

FOX News: Politics - 6 hours 10 min ago
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Monday gave the White House a plan to "rapidly defeat" the Islamic State group, a Pentagon spokesman said Monday. The strategy includes significant elements of the approach President Trump inherited, while potentially deepening U.S. military involvement in Syria.
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Yield-Generating REIT ETFs Can Still Do Well in a Rising Rate Environment

FOX News: Business - 6 hours 12 min ago
Income-minded investors with a heavy tilt toward real estate investment trusts and related exchange traded funds do not need to worry too much about rising interest rates negatively affecting their REITs positions. “REITs are more than just a fixed series of cash flows. They have some economic sensitivity that can cause them to rise when…
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Beyoncé cancels gig: What work is safe in pregnancy?

FOX News: Health - 6 hours 12 min ago
Singer Beyoncé has cancelled her performance at the upcoming Coachella festival in April because she is pregnant.
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Spain appoints 'minister for sex' to reverse nation's plummeting birth rate

FOX News: Health - 6 hours 12 min ago
Spain has appointed its first Minister of Sex whose job will be to get people busy between the sheets.
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Two Retailers, One Big Worry

FOX News: Business - 6 hours 19 min ago
Two retailers moving in different directions have at least one thing in common: They are terrified of a border-adjusted tax.
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An ETF to Follow Hedge Fund Managers’ ‘Very-Important-Positions’

FOX News: Business - 6 hours 35 min ago
In an aging bull market rally, exchange traded fund investors will have to be more meticulous in selecting positions, but they can take cues from a broad array of professional investors and hedge fund managers. On the upcoming webcast, An ETF to Follow Hedge Fund Managers’ ‘Very-Important-Positions’, Candice Tse, Vice President of Strategic Advisory Solutions…
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Vanguard Takes Another Swing in Ongoing ETF Fee War

FOX News: Business - 6 hours 48 min ago
Exchange traded fund investors are winning in the ongoing fee war that has slashed expense ratios in a number of ETF options. The latest round comes from Vanguard as the money manager lowers costs on 68 mutual funds and ETF shares, which represents a cumulative $143 million in savings across 124 fund shares reported for the…
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Worst Oscars moment ever?

FOX News: Top Stories - 7 hours 3 min ago
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'Wind jewel': Archaeologists find incredible Mayan jade pendant

FOX News: SciTech - 7 hours 3 min ago
Scientists have discovered a remarkable jade pendant literally fit for a king.
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Nazi's son returns looted art to Poland

FOX News: SciTech - 7 hours 12 min ago
A succession of Nazi and Soviet occupiers relieved Poland of a half-million artworks during World War II, and the Guardian brings us the tale of one of those "collectors," Charlotte Waechter.
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