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Source: FBI ‘A-team’ leading ‘serious’ Clinton server probe, focusing on defense info

FOX News: Politics - Fri, 08/28/2015 - 2:26pm
An FBI "A-team" is leading the "extremely serious" investigation into Hillary Clinton's server and the focus includes a provision of the law pertaining to "gathering, transmitting or losing defense information," an intelligence source told Fox News.
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Police ask that charges be filed against former head of Brazil's nuclear power company

FOX News: Business - Fri, 08/28/2015 - 2:22pm
Police say they have asked prosecutors to file charges against the former head of Eletronuclear, the state-owned company that operates Brazil's two nuclear power plants, for his suspected role in a bribery scandal.
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The science behind ‘The Martian’ movie gets a NASA ‘thumbs up’

FOX News: SciTech - Fri, 08/28/2015 - 2:20pm
The science behind Matt Damon’s upcoming science-fiction movie "The Martian" received a thumbs up from Jim Green, NASA’s director of planetary science at a press event earlier this month.
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Iconic rodeo a family affair

FOX News: Top Stories - Fri, 08/28/2015 - 2:06pm
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Recalls this week include rotary tools, mowers, bicycles, crampons, exercise machines

FOX News: Business - Fri, 08/28/2015 - 2:05pm
A line of rotary tools that can overheat and melt are among this week's recalled consumer products.
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Gold Settles Higher, But Loses 2.2% For The Week

FOX News: Business - Fri, 08/28/2015 - 2:05pm
Gold futures finished higher on Friday but suffered a 2.2% loss for the week, their biggest weekly decline since the week ended July 24.
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USDA to approve Simplot's genetically engineered potato that resists late blight

FOX News: Business - Fri, 08/28/2015 - 1:59pm
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has approved a potato genetically engineered to resist the pathogen that caused the Irish potato famine and that still damages crops.
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High wind, waves, leads Shell to pause exploratory drilling off Alaska's northwest coast

FOX News: Business - Fri, 08/28/2015 - 1:53pm
A spokesman for Royal Dutch Shell PLC says he's not sure when exploratory drilling will resume off Alaska's northwest coast after high winds and waves shut down operations Wednesday.
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Apple loses key music executive who joined company after $3 billion acquisition of Beats

FOX News: Business - Fri, 08/28/2015 - 1:48pm
Apple's online music subscription service is losing a key player as millions of listeners near the end of a free three-month trial period that has drawn mixed reviews.
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Business events and economic reports scheduled for the coming month

FOX News: Business - Fri, 08/28/2015 - 1:46pm
All times are Eastern TUESDAY, Sept. 2 WASHINGTON — Institute for Supply Management releases its manufacturing index for August, 10 a.m.; Commerce Department releases construction spending for July, 10 a.m.
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FDA warns of severe joint pain risk with DPP-4 diabetes drugs

FOX News: Health - Fri, 08/28/2015 - 1:39pm
A class of diabetes drugs that include Merck & Co Inc's Januvia have been linked with severe joint pain, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said on Friday.
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Oil on Track for Biggest Weekly Gain in 4 1/2 Years

FOX News: Business - Fri, 08/28/2015 - 1:30pm
U.S. crude jumped as much as 7 percent as a rally in gasoline prices from refinery outages and concern about strife in Yemen prompted traders to scramble to cover short positions.
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Lost palace of Sparta possibly uncovered

FOX News: SciTech - Fri, 08/28/2015 - 1:28pm
An ancient Greek palace filled with cultic objects and clay tablets written in a lost script may be the long-lost palace of Mycenaean Sparta, one of the most famous civilizations of ancient Greece.
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Neglected horses had hooves that were 3 feet long

FOX News: SciTech - Fri, 08/28/2015 - 1:15pm
A concerned call about the welfare of someone's pet pigeons led to a disturbing discovery in a Maryland stable: three horses in such a severe state of neglect that a local rescue group was absolutely horrified.
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Weekly Oil-rig Count Edges Higher, But Total Rig Count Falls: Baker Hughes

FOX News: Business - Fri, 08/28/2015 - 1:11pm
Oil futures added to gains after data from Baker Hughes released Friday showed that the number of active oil-drilling rigs edged higher, but the total number of active rigs fell.
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Why energy drinks are harming your kids

FOX News: Health - Fri, 08/28/2015 - 1:00pm
Research shows that beyond a brief caffeine high, there are actually no health benefits to energy drinks. In fact, the combination of different chemicals is likely to do more harm than good, especially for children.
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Ex-Ohio deputy treasurer who fled to Pakistan sent to begin 15-year prison term in US prison

FOX News: Business - Fri, 08/28/2015 - 12:57pm
A former Ohio deputy treasurer who fled to Pakistan in the face of a 15-year prison sentence for a kickback scheme delivered a public apology before a federal judge on Friday and was sent to begin his time in U.S. prison.
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Clinton facing enthusiasm gap with Dem base?

FOX News: Politics - Fri, 08/28/2015 - 12:48pm
Amid the controversy over her email system and speculation over Vice President Biden entering the race, Hillary Clinton is facing an intangible -- but, analysts say, very real -- political crisis: the enthusiasm gap.
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