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Losing your brother to ISIS

CNN: Top Stories - Fri, 04/01/2016 - 1:32am
Mohamed Amin Chaib wouldn't meet with us in his home or even his neighborhood. The reason was simple: The topic of conversation was his brother, and he didn't want anyone to see a television crew around.

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Shenanigans that really happened on Air Force One

CNN: Top Stories - Thu, 03/31/2016 - 11:51pm
There he was, the leader of the free world, President Lyndon Baines Johnson, aboard Air Force One standing in front of reporters, naked as a jaybird.

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10 of the most bizarre elections in American history

CNN: Top Stories - Thu, 03/31/2016 - 11:50pm
The 2000 election between Al Gore and George W. Bush is perhaps the craziest, most controversial election in U.S. history.

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The quest for an unbreakable phone is 'impossible,' says Apple

CNN: Business - Thu, 03/31/2016 - 11:46pm
Apple is pushing hard to make its phones more secure, but the quest for perfect security will never be met.

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