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Slave labor in America today

CNN: Business - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 10:51am
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China is hacking its own citizens' iCloud accounts - report

CNN: Business - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 10:50am
Chinese Apple users are facing a wave of cyberattacks -- not from cybercriminals, but from their own government.
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$84 million Microsoft CEO: We pay women equally

CNN: Business - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 10:41am
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has some really bad timing.
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Dog takes over weather forecast

CNN: Top Stories - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 10:27am
A weatherman had a dog on set during his forecast segment to promote animal adoption, but things didn't go as planned.
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TV legend reveals fave theme song

CNN: Top Stories - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 10:26am
Norman Lear, TV producer legend, sings his favorite theme song and stresses the importance of laughter in tough times.
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Holder "cautiously optimistic" on legal pot

CNN: Politics - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 10:21am
The outgoing U.S. attorney general said he is "cautiously optimistic" when it comes to Washington and Colorado's experiment with marijuana legalization.
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Study: 3 a month will fly with Ebola

CNN: Health - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 10:18am
Up to three Ebola-infected travelers might board an international flight each month in West Africa, researchers say.
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CNN: Top Stories - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 10:17am
In all likelihood, the 91 Cuban health workers heading to West Africa on Tuesday will face the most perilous assignment of their careers.
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Why Dish subscribers can't see CNN today

CNN: Business - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 10:13am
CNN and several other Turner-owned cable channels have disappeared from Dish Network homes due to a contractual dispute between the two companies.
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See the kiss

CNN: Top Stories - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 10:03am
President Obama voted early in Chicago on Monday, where a man jokingly told him not to touch the woman in the next booth.
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DA clears DeMaio of sexual misconduct, accuser of break-in

CNN: Politics - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 9:59am
The San Diego district attorney will not file sexual misconduct charges against Republican congressional candidate Carl DeMaio.
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Designer Oscar de la Renta dies

CNN: U.S. - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 9:58am
Legendary fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, who spent half a century putting high society in haute couture, has died. He was 82.
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Obama changes position on same-sex marriage, says Constitution backs it

CNN: Politics - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 9:54am
President Obama now says the Constitution backs same-sex marriage. He made the remark to CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin in The New Yorker.
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'Simpsons' go streaming: 25 years of episodes, clips, and scripts

CNN: Business - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 9:51am
Almost every episode of "The Simpsons" (556 and counting!) has started with Springfield's favorite family running home to watch TV.
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See King Tut's 'virtual autopsy'

CNN: Health - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 9:32am
King Tutankhamun's golden, mummified remains tell only a partial story of an ancient Egyptian boy king who died under mysterious circumstances.
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Chicago man to Obama: 'Don't touch my girlfriend'

CNN: U.S. - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 9:21am
Even the President of the United States has to deal with jealous boyfriends.
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Citi hikes fees on checking customers

CNN: Business - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 9:20am
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Stepped-up effort to replace exploding airbags

CNN: Business - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 9:17am
Federal safety regulators and Toyota Motor are stepping up efforts to get car owners to bring in cars whose airbags might explode, sending metal fragments into the driver and other passengers.
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Apple profit soars on huge iPhone and Mac sales

CNN: Business - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 9:14am
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Why should it cost money to donate an organ?

CNN: Health - Tue, 10/21/2014 - 9:12am
Sigrid Fry-Revere says the National Organ Transplant Act has caused more Americans to die waiting for an organ than died in both World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq
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