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CTE Summer I Classes End

UVa-Wise Calendar - Fri, 06/17/2016 - 12:00am

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Software engineering majors develop app

UVa-Wise News - Thu, 06/16/2016 - 9:39am

The temptation to check email while driving is strong when a mobile devise emits that familiar alert tone. Four UVa-Wise students have created a mobile app that will let drivers give in to that temptation in a safe way.

Iris, an Android app developed by software engineering seniors as their capstone project, will read Google Mail to drivers who have installed the app on their mobile phones or tablets. The app works well and the students hope to soon have the product on Google Play once all the proper paperwork and related tasks are done.

Bryan Smith of Weber City, Virginia explained that the app gets its name from Iris, the Greek messenger to the gods. And just like Iris of ancient lore, the Iris app will read the incoming messages.
Professor Abrar Qureshi, advisor for the capstone project, said the students started working on the app by working on a single email account, then moved on to multiple accounts. The students then worked further on functionality such as making it easier to keep or delete an email. Large buttons were also put in place to make it easier to use when deciding whether to discard or keep an email that Iris has read to the recipient.

Derek Ouzia of Algeria said working on the app was extremely interesting and beneficial on many levels. He and his fellow students were able to apply what they have learned in the classroom and software engineering labs to the real world.

“It gives us a good idea of the job itself and what to expect in the business world,” Ouzia said.

Scott Arnette, a Wise, Virginia resident, explained that the overall customer experience was always on the minds of the developers.

“You really want to aim to please the customer as much as possible,” he said. “It gives you a chance to apply what you’ve learned and a chance to work as a team.”

Teamwork has been a central theme for the group. They have been taking the same classes together for a few years and have learned to work well together.

“Teamwork is critical,” Smith said. “If you are not working as a team, you will pretty much fail.  We play off of each others’ strengths.”

The students also believe the teamwork dispels the stereotype that software engineers are socially awkward. Student Joseph Lacaba is also a member of the team, but was unavailable for an interview.

“It is the complete opposite,” Smith said.

Qureshi always stressed the need to hone communication skills, and his students agree that the ability to effectively talk to others is vital.

“Seventy-five percent of the time is spent in communication,” Qureshi said. “It all starts with understanding the customers and what the customer wants and needs.”

The students agree that a liberal arts education combined with their software engineering and computer science courses have given them the proper mix of instruction. The liberal arts classes allowed them to understand how important it is to make a product that is more creative and pleasing in general. Graphic design courses were also a plus.

“Too much software engineering would get boring,” Ouzia said.

The next step for the students is to see what happens when Iris is available for download and purchase on Google Play.

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Staff awards presented at UVa-Wise

UVa-Wise News - Wed, 06/15/2016 - 4:45pm

Several staff members were recognized during an awards ceremony on June 15 for their many years of service, new degrees and certifications completed and contributions to The University of Virginia’s College at Wise.

Brenda Craft was recognized for 40 years of service.

David Short was honored for 35 years of service.

Paul Kilgore was honored for 30 years of service.

Shelby Roberts was recognized for 20 years of service.

Sharona Burke and Tammie Hale were honored for 15 years of service.

Kim Lawson, Kristi Longworth and Jenny Salyers were recognized for ten years of service.

Scott Lawson, David Locke, Lanna Monday, Pam McKnight, Linda Miller, Jessica Necessary, Rhenea Niece, Heather Robbins and Tabitha Smith received five-year service awards.

Natasha Tabor, Nathan Rasnake, April Collins and Bobbi VanHuss were recognized for completing master degrees.

Kathy Fleming was recognized for completing a bachelor’s degree.

Austin Crabtree was recognized for completion of Law Enforcement Officer Certification.

Josh Justice was recognized for completing the Forward Wise County Program.

Sarah Smith Carlson was recognized for completing personal trainer, speed specialist and self-defense instructor certifications.

Leonard W. Sandridge Outstanding Contribution Award nominees Rosa Bott, Pam McKnight and Debbie Vanover were recognized along with winner, Brenda Whitaker, Department of Natural Sciences administrative assistant. It is the highest honor for staff at the University and the College at Wise.

Chancellor Donna Henry with 40 year service honor recipient Brenda Craft

Chancellor Donna Henry with 40 year service honor recipient Brenda Craft








Chancellor Donna Henry with 35 year service honor recipient David Short

Chancellor Donna Henry with 35 year service honor recipient David Short

Chancellor Donna Henry with 30 year service honor recipient Paul Kilgore

Chancellor Donna Henry with 30 year service honor recipient Paul Kilgore



Chancellor Donna Henry with 20 year service honor recipient Shelby Roberts

Chancellor Donna Henry with 20 year service honor recipient Shelby Roberts

 Sharona Burke)

Chancellor Donna Henry with 15 year service honor recipient Tammie Hale (Not pictured: Sharona Burke)

 Jenny Salyers)

Chancellor Donna Henry with 10 year service honor recipients Kristi Longworth and Kim Lawson (Not pictured: Jenny Salyers)

 Pam McKnight and Rhenea Niece)

Chancellor Donna Henry with 5 year service honor recipients Tabitha Smith, Jessica Necessary, Scott Lawson, David Locke, Heather Robbins, Lanna Monday and Linda Miller (Not pictured: Pam McKnight and Rhenea Niece)

Chancellor Donna Henry with Outstanding Contribution Award nominees Debbie Vanover and Rosa Bott

Chancellor Donna Henry with Outstanding Contribution Award nominees Debbie Vanover and Rosa Bott

Chancellor Donna Henry with Outstanding Contribution Award winner Brenda Whitaker

Chancellor Donna Henry with Outstanding Contribution Award winner Brenda Whitaker


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Students to hold candlelight vigil for Orlando shooting victims

UVa-Wise News - Tue, 06/14/2016 - 1:55pm

Students at UVa-Wise are holding a candlelight vigil on June 14 at 8 p.m. in memory of the victims of the Orlando shootings. The vigil will take place at the Lawn by the Lake. The public is invited to participate.

“Watching the tragic events unfolding Sunday morning was heartbreaking,” organizer Andrew Hamilton said. “I wanted to organize this event as a way to show that our school and community felt the pain and stood with Orlando. I also wanted anyone in our community who felt unsafe or scared after the tragic event to know that we support them.”

Hamilton, the editor of the Highland Cavalier student newspaper, said he has been humbled and touched by those who want to participate in the event.

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Sandridge award-winning employees add special touches

UVa-Wise News - Mon, 06/13/2016 - 11:36am

What do sweet potato pie, the University of Virginia Staff Senate and medical research have in common? They are some of the superior products of dedicated UVA employees who have made a difference in the lives of their colleagues – and many others.

This year’s group of Leonard W. Sandridge Outstanding Contribution Award winners share a range of accomplishments in serving the University, but the award encompasses more than fulfilling job duties and frequently going beyond them. As they solve problems, upgrade procedures and other tasks, these staff members put heart and soul into all they do, building relationships and creating community within UVA, with its neighbors and among professionals.

The Sandridge Awards are the highest honor the University bestows upon employees. They include five employees from the Academic Division, five from the Medical Center and one from UVA’s College at Wise. The 11 winners were honored June 10 at a Board of Visitors luncheon at the Colonnade Club. Each group attended or will attenda Service Award Dinner alongside employees who have 25-plus years of service.

The 2016 Outstanding Contribution Awards from the Academic Division go to:

Constance Alexander, office manager of Procurement & Supplier Diversity;

Kevin Donovan, senior assistant dean for career services at the Law School;

Brandon Kemp, senior laboratory and research specialist in the School of Medicine;

Amy Muldoon, project coordinator, Demographics Research Group at the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service; and

Gary Wood, North Grounds zone manager, Facilities Management.

The Medical Center surprised its winning employees with staff visiting them at their workplaces and presenting them with flowers and balloons. Take a look here.

The Medical Center awardees are:

Veronica Brill, director of the Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center;

Geraldine Gaines, supply chain supervisor;

Jennifer T. Hall, magnet program coordinator;

Sara McClelland, nurse clinician II in the Pediatric ICU;

Denese Straughn, administrative specialist for the Faculty and Employee Assistance Program.

The Wise award winner is Brenda Whitaker, administrative assistant in the Natural Sciences Department.

Nominators say:

One nominator said that she serves as an invaluable aid. “I trust her discretion absolutely and call upon her to critique evaluation letters, give suggestions and advice about the best way to respond to difficult situations, and even read emails before I hit the ‘send’ button. I could have not done my job if I had not been able to rely on her discretion, perceptiveness and good sense.”

“She maintains an impressive vocabulary of scientific terminology to converse with and fulfill our teaching and research needs,” thus keeping the department running smoothly, another nominator wrote.

Whitaker, who has worked at UVA-Wise for 47 years, started a book club several years ago that includes College faculty. A colleague in the club said, “It’s always a joy to talk about science and current events with her.”

Her nominators agree: “Whitaker models for our students what it means to be an educated person. The range of her interest and the depth and breadth of her knowledge is remarkable.”

–Courtesy Anne E. Bromley
UVA Today Associate, Office of University Communications

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Southern Appalachian Biodiversity Consortium meets at UVa-Wise

UVa-Wise News - Wed, 06/08/2016 - 2:59pm

Educators from nine colleges and universities from the Appalachian region gathered at The University of Virginia’s College at Wise on Wednesday, June 8, to discuss gaps in knowledge when it comes to regional biodiversity.

The Southern Appalachian Biodiversity Consortium, a group formed to address the knowledge gap issue, met for the first time to share ideas, common needs and issues related to undergraduate research and related matters. The two-day event is expected to lead to future sessions.

“The idea came from some issues we have locally with a lack of basic data on wildlife species in Southwest Virginia,” UVa-Wise biology professor Wally Smith explained. “We found the same issues were present elsewhere in the region when talking with other institutions, and so we’re convening the consortium to discuss how best to address these issues and move forward.”

Faculty from institutions in the commonwealths of Kentucky and Virginia, and the states of Tennessee and North Carolina spent Wednesday sharing their research and discussing ways to advance regional projects.

“Our hope is to have a plan by the end of this week’s meeting for catalyzing better collaboration and partnerships between Appalachian institutions moving forward,” Smith added.

In addition to host school UVa-Wise, faculty from University of Pikeville, Emory & Henry College, Appalachian State University, East Tennessee State University, Milligan College, UNC-Asheville, Lincoln Memorial University and the University of Kentucky participated in the consortium.

The event concludes on June 9 with a trip to Little Stony Falls for a biodiversity discussion.

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Micronic Technologies presented with resolution

UVa-Wise News - Mon, 06/06/2016 - 10:52am

Delegates Terry Kilgore and Todd Pillion presented Micronic Technologies CEO Karen Sorber with a resolution approved by the Virginia General Assembly commending the water purification company for winning the prestigious Open Innovation Challenge sponsored by GE and Statoil.

The lawmakers presented the resolution to Sorber on June 1 in the Lila Vicars Smith House at UVa-Wise. According to the resolution, Micronic Technologies exemplifies the entrepreneurial drive shown by many small businesses throughout the Commonwealth. The firm has garnered state and federal funding and a grant from the Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission in partnership with UVa-Wise.

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Alumni Board of Directors Retreat

UVa-Wise Calendar - Sat, 06/04/2016 - 12:00am

The Alumni Association’s Board of Directors will host their annual retreat on Saturday June 4, 2016.  Please check back for event location.

For more information please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (276) 328-0128 or alumni@uvawise.edu

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Marching Highland Cavaliers celebrate 10 years

UVa-Wise News - Thu, 06/02/2016 - 2:00pm

The Marching Highland Cavaliers will celebrate the band’s 10 year anniversary during the fall semester of 2016 at UVa-Wise. The Marching Highland Cavaliers began as a small 25-member band which grew to more than 80 members over the decade.

The MHCS perform for all home football games and do exhibition performances at local and regional marching band festivals.  Members include UVa-Wise students and students from Mountain Empire Community College. The 10th anniversary Marching Cavs will perform the music of Motown this year. Other shows will include the annual Papa Joe Smiddy Tribute and the popular salute to men and women in the military.

The band is always looking for new members. There is no audition required and the band takes care of all meals during band camp. The only thing that a student has to provide is a pair of white band shoes.  Band camp is set for August 12 for percussion and guard members and August 14 for winds.  Members also receive a $250  stipend for participation in the band.

If interested in joining the Marching Highland Cavaliers, please visit bands@uvawise.edu or contact Director of Bands Richard Galyean at 276-328-0235.

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UVa-Wise announces 2016 Dean’s List

UVa-Wise News - Wed, 06/01/2016 - 10:13am


Jessica Lauren Barrett
Joshua Wayne Blackburn
Lauren Leigh Bonney

Natalie Gayle Battaglia
Madison Paige Callis
Rachel E Wicks

Donavan James Montague

Gabriel Lee Dillon
Kelcie Jordan Freeman
Kody Hunter Gardner

Rachel Briana Cole

Amanda Hope King

Patrick Joshua Hakopian

Big Stone Gap
Destiny Kalista Baker
Daria Dominika Blach
Jakub Mariusz Blach
Cassandra Collette Blackwell
Cassie Rhea Carnes
Hailey Morgan Cason
Natalie Marie Chapman
Joshua Shane Christian
Evan Michael Clark
Kendra Brooke Collins
Zachary Ian Cooper
Ahliyah Curtrese Gavin
Alexis Shae Grimes
Andrew Bishop Hamilton
Isaac Lansing Holyfield
BreAnna Faith Kelly
Morgan Brittni Leach
Kayla Rachelle Miller
Joy Noelle Mitchell
Zane Allen Mullins
Chelsea Lynn Murphy
Lora Beth Neeley
Joshua Dalton Rollins
Ethan Michael Samerdyke
Conner Daniel Stanley
Kelsey Rochelle Webb
Channing Tyler West

Emily Diana Puckett

David Wayne Berry
Kassidy Nicole Eldridge
Caitlin Ardis Emond

James Walker Stowers

Madison Paige Beavers
Morgan Paige Cline
Luke Langhorne Hurley
Tanner Samuel Winesett

Boones Mill
Geoffrey Charles Stier

Simona Aukse Zduoba

Zachary Tyler Evans

Jeffery Shane Bailey

Chance Frederick Frye

Alyssa Drew Castle
Chelsea Alexandra Cornett
Corey Alexander France
Hannah Amber Heaton
Kacie Briana Jessee
Bridgette Elin McCarty
Chassidy Rhea Salyer
Mackenzie Lauren Trent
Cynthia Renee White

Cedar Bluff
Charles Alexander White

Daniel Griffin Deane
Thomas William White

Colton Chase Collins

Amanda LeAnne Aebel

Destiny Kerria Allen

Michael Ryan Blevins

Clifton Forge
Jessica Eryn Smith

Nicholas Drew Mullins

William Cameron Castle
Gary Willard Deel
Zachary Alvin Hill
Matthew Taylor Mullins
Margaret Elizabeth Naas
Taylor Brooke Puckett
Allie Jo Robinson
Bailey Shea Robinson
Kristin Nicole Smith

Keely Suzanne Atwood
McKenna Beth Blevins
Lillian Faith Bright
Shaughnessy L. Bright
Makayla Danielle Castle
Jasmine Brook Finch
Adam Cody Greear
Kelsie Makae Hale
Molly Ann Jenkins
Alana Grace Johnson
Jordan Hunter Kern
Brett Tyler Ketron
Lauren Capriel McCoy
Heaven L. Parridgen
Marcus Daniel Sweet
James Ira Vanover
Laura Elizabeth Viers
Rocky Dallas Wireman
Paulina Grace Wright
Alexandria Paige Wyatt
Benjamin Wayne Yates

Copper Hill
Kenneth Logan Patrick

Shannon Emmalee Bennett

Ciara Jenae Daymude

Kenonji Z. Hughes

Brandi Nicole LaForce
Tessa Leigh McCoy-Hall

Kaitlyn Dean Wegner

Carlie Lauren Clark

Micah Reece Nida

Layla Victoria Ballard
Taylor Lakin Evans
Destiny Hope Gibson
Andrew Wesley Giles
Jesse D’Shawn Harris
Michael Paul Hinkle
Logan Alexander Lester
Laken Shaye Love
Brandi Loren Neal

Zachary Charles Watson

Jordan Scott Nickels
Tyson Blake Nickels
Robert Lynn Powers

William Robert Law

East Stone Gap
Wesley Todd Harris

Maurice Nathan McGlone
Samantha Brooke Williams

Arthur David Beal

Justis Terrell Sandidge

Fort Blackmore
Zackery Austin Castle
Talia Shea Elliott
Emily Grace Gibson
Alexis Carrie Hillman

Shaquon Otez Wilkins

Gate City
Evan Mackenzie Baker
Katelyn Paige Carico
Christopher Matthew Fritze
Makayla Gayle Gamble
Austin James Jerrell
Hope Ariana Ketron
Dylan Thomas Martin
Jonathan Charles McCullough
Corey Ethan Salyers
Ashli Nicole Sluss
Kristin Brooke Williams

Glen Allen
Zoe Nicole Millard

Megan Lee Crabtree

Gabrielle DyAnne Bostic
Jamie Patrick Davis
Matthew Alexander Fields
Mary Rachael McGeorge
Kaitlyn Nicole Owens

John Andrew Conner

Sharmae Leigh Stringfield
Robert Darnell Torres
Travis John Welty

Jeffrey Tyler Lyall
Jalen Connor Sykes

Ambar Idanys Beltran-Gonzalez
Morgen Lee Newell

Katie Lee Woodburn
Silk  Pinero
Spencer Clay Stockard

Harley Jade Hess
Jessie Lynn O’Quinn
Shauna RaeAnn Peck
Ashlee Sue Taylor

Madyson Arissa Cook
Allison Nicole Eldridge
Samantha Nicole Ely
Andrew Cody Gilliam
Lewis Edward Moore II
Megan Nicole Roop
Kelsey Noelle Skaggs
Sara Lucille Thomas

Tucker Cole Price

JerWanda TaQuise Bagley

Muhammad Zaheer Uddin Hasham
Danielle Paige Hill
Jared Lee Musick
Ernest Wade Woodlief

Kayleigh Jordan Kent
Lindsey Marie Packard
Darrian Nicole Pickett

Katla Elizabeth Figgatt

Kelcie Lee Smith

Shannon Christine Walker

Madison Heights
Alyssa Grace Holton

Christian David Lishen
Hope Sierra Wymer

New Castle
Grace Anne Craddock

Newport News
Ahdel Evon Best

Jared Thomas Finch
Lacey ShiAnne Smith

Ryan Wesley Huntington

Brittany Marie Hill

North Tazewell
Emily Ann Sawyers

Madison Cade Adams
Russell Wayne Belcher
Christian Madeline Bullion
Jacob Carlton Caudill
Cheyenne Tierra Collier
Cara Audrene Jamila Legge
Brittany Morgan Lester
Autumn Katherine Miller
Jessalyn Gabrielle Mullins
Kara Leigh Mullins
Logan Jacob Mullins
William Robert Palmer
Darian Elizabeth Phillips
Hannah Ruth Rose
Melanie J. Thompson
Laura Katherine Witt
Karolina  Zaoralova

Katelyn Jo Dockery

Patrick Springs
Jenna Nicole Gray
Joshua Aaron Peal

Pennington Gap
Aaron Russell Fee
Wesley Alan Jones
Sara Elizabeth Lamb
Dustyn Taylor Livesay
Lyndon Brock Livesay
Stephanie Lynn Wright

Pilgrims Knob
Hannah Grace Daniels

Aaron Christian Blake Anderson
Leslie Danielle Bentley
Alex Ryan Cantrell
John Brandon Cantrell
Victoria Ruth Countiss
Caleb Daniel Fast
Savannah Brooke Foster
Jackson Gray Hamilton
Danielle Dawn Hutchison
Cody Dean-Blake Large
Jason Matthew Marsingill
Seth Allen Marsingill
Hannah Grace Mullins
Hannah Brooke Nash
Cherish Noel Page
Molly Denyse Perry
Sydney Nicole Perry
Addie Morgan Shortt
Allison Renee Stallard

Pounding Mill
Brianna Kayleen Matney
Leigh Ann Rumberger

Rebekah Frances Shupe
Javier Adolfo Wagner

Rich Creek
Andrea Maria Salerno

Charles Edwin Davis
Junetta Paige Nuckels
Christopher Brian Stacy

Alexander  Blankenship
Anas Fathy Elkattan

Olivia Danielle Cleary
Montana Tori Hill

Hunter Bay Adkins

Katlin Cheyanne Dellis
Laura Summer Dickson
Zachary Allen Large
Joshua Michael Mayer

Rose Hill
Mattie Nicole Crockett

Matthew Carlton Pruitt

Victoria Ellen Carter
Devin Johnathan Cash
Bailey Marie-Ward Christoforatos

Tyler Garrett Uhlman

St. Paul
Kobe Allen Lawson
Christopher Matthew Martin
Fallon Nicole Meade
Molly Elizabeth Taylor
Derrick Scott Torres
Justin Lee Trent
Chelsea Elizabeth Whittington

Jacob Dean Carpenter

Michael Bunyan Doherty

Brandee Cheyenne Childress

Sarah Nicole Elbon
Anthony Christopher Wallis

Chelsea Amber Justice

Kierra Sade Booth

McKinley Dalton Garland

Elmer James Jackson
McKenzie Rae VanDyke

Virginia Beach
John Forrest Duncan
Rachel Anastasia Fischer

Amber Marie Brown

Rebecca Kristen Blagg Hopewell

Weber City
Kyra Cheyene Jessee

Cynthia Ann James

Justin Ray Asher
Thomas Cole Asher
Amber Reanne Baird
Decima Lauren Baker
Samuel Charles Boyle
Patricia Lynn Brock
Christopher Austin Burke
Angela O’Rion Caldwell
Whitney Elaine Carico
Abigail Lee Church
Katie Denise Clevinger
Samantha Elizabeth Collins
Olivia Kathleen Craft
Kevin Blake Dotson
Kara Elizabeth Dotten
Lorraine Elizabeth Dresch
MaKenna Lynn Engle
Rachel Ann Glines
Sarah Louella Hall
Maya Gabrielle Hamlett
Ashley Gail Huffman
Sarrah Nicole Hulsey
Elizabeth Louise Kegley
Kelli Alexandra-Leigh Large
Alyssa Danielle Meade
John Alexander Nauss
Peter Anthony Nauss
Madison Brooke Niece
Mustapha  Ouzia
Carly Amber Owens
Sara Ellen Paris
Michael Ian Peck
Chelsea Camille Polly
Jessica Paige Powers
Tyler Stone Ramsey
Kayla Nicole Ratliff
Madison Brooke Ray
Mychaela Starr Richardson
Jaden Dalton Gray Ringley
Sarah Ridgely Sanders
Melanie Suzanne Scott
Alyssa Lauren Shell
Julia Lange Sturgill
Katelyn Danielle Sturgill
Nicholas Kane Sturgill
Zane Matthew Sturgill
Terrance Sawyer Turner
Jasmine Ruth Caroline Vance
Ning  Zhou

Ashleigh Ridgell Iannelli
Talon Gerald Young

Morgan Leigh Crigger
Clayton Lee Snow

Katie Marie Brownschidle


Jessica Leigh Mullins

Wayman Chad Hart

Savannah Jade Lucas

Josi Clarinda Stidham


Blake William Blizard
Lauren Elizabeth Fowler
Lucas Daniel Holcomb

Tye James Marshall
Stephanie Leah Taylor


Emily Taylor Kale


Tess Noel Allen


Fort Sam Houston
Benjamin Richard Coffman


West Covina
Kenneth Dean Ball

Christopher Weyer

Oleg Kopychenko

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