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Ex-DHS watchdog accused in Senate report of altering reports for friends

FOX News: Top Stories - 12 min 22 sec ago
CHARLES EDWARDS, the former inspector general for the Department of Homeland Security, was accused in a new Senate report of changing or delaying his office's reports to accommodate senior DHS officials.
  • VIDEO: Report accuses former inspector general of playing politics
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    Water becoming more valuable than gold

    CNN: Business - 20 min 57 sec ago
    Something that many might take for granted is becoming highly coveted: water.
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    California Supreme Court's Decision Allows Sex Offenders Back in Parks

    MSNBC: U.S. news - 24 min 52 sec ago

    A so-called predator ban has been in effect in about 30 cities statewide, but they now become invalidated by the state Supreme Court’s ruling.

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    New Jersey Brush Fire Rages, Threatens Homes, School

    MSNBC: U.S. news - 24 min 54 sec ago

    A fire in Ocean County, N.J., broke out and spread across 50 acres, potentially threatening homes and a school, on Thursday.

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    Teen Cyber-Bullied Over Teacher's Firing

    MSNBC: U.S. news - 24 min 55 sec ago

    A teacher is fired after verbally abusing a student. In response, classmates have begun to attack the student on social media. WFLA John Rogers reports.

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    Is Priceline Next In Line for a Split?

    FOX News: Business - 27 min 41 sec ago
    Priceline is the only S&P 500 stock trading above $1,000 a share and hasn’t traded in the triple-digit range since last October – keeping it out of reach of some potential investors
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    Some Coral May Be Resistant to Climate Change, Researchers Say

    MSNBC: Top Stories - 28 min 54 sec ago
    A new study on how coral reacts to global climate change has some researchers optimistic that at least a few of the polychromatic reefs crucial to underwater ecosystems may be better able to adjust to a warming world than was previously thought.

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    3 American Doctors Killed in Kabul

    MSNBC: Top Stories - 28 min 55 sec ago

    A hospital security guard opened fire on a group of doctors entering a children’s hospital in Kabul early this morning killing three American citizens and wounding one other who is in stable condition.

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    Obama reaffirms commitment to Japan deal

    CNN: Politics - 43 min 13 sec ago
    The United States stands by its security agreement with Japan in its dispute with China over a group of islands, President Barack Obama said Thursday.
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    Ferry Victims' Families Surround Officials, Demand Answers

    MSNBC: Top Stories - 44 min 28 sec ago
    JINDO, South Korea — Angry relatives of about 130 people still missing from the sinking of the South Korean ferry surrounded officials Thursday and prevented them from leaving a tent where families have been waiting for news of their loved ones.

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    Stocks: Tug of war on Wall Street

    CNN: Business - 45 min 18 sec ago
    The bulls and bears were having a tug of war Thursday as they debate the latest corporate earnings, renewed geopolitical tensions and a recent spate of merger news.
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